NHLPA donate equipment to Algeria

It’s our pleasure to announce the donation of $10,000 worth of ice hockey equipment from the NHLPA to the Association Algérienne de Ice et Inline Hockey, as part of the NHLPA’s ‘Goals and Dreams Fund’. This equipment will go to Algeria for the children who want to learn to play ice hockey but have never had the opportunity to in the past. We are extremely grateful.

This is a huge boost to Algerian ice hockey, it allows us to create children’s teams and a league, and will add strength to our request for more government support and IIHF membership.


Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer le don d’une valeur de 10 000$ dollars en équipement de hockey à l’Association Algérienne de Ice et Inline Hockey de la part de la NHLPA (National Hockey League Players’ Association). Cet équipement ira en Algérie pour les enfants désirant apprendre à jouer au hockey sur glace mais n’en ayants jamais eu l’opportunité par le passé. Nous sommes extrèmement reconnaissants.